Bob Dylan's masterpiece 'Blonde On Blonde' comes to ShopVictor's HMV® Record Shop!

Blonde On Blond On Black (Vinyl Record, that is!)

Arguably Bob Dylan's most beloved work, the new 'Blonde On Blonde' re-issue from Sony on 180-gram vinyl is like putting the needle down on an old friend. The jitter of Mike Bloomfield's guitar, the whirl of Al Kooper's Hammond organ work, a crack (mostly) Nashville Studio band blends perfectly with the heat of Dylan's biting lyrical content and the aura of an untouchable icon at the height of his powers in the pop realm. 

A deep and simultaneous sense of both self-importance and self irrelevance might leave you rocking back and forth with a deep feeling of elation - calling forth to God; 'Why? Why me? Why not.' The above are all symptoms you might experience when listening to 'Blonde On Blonde' and this incredible time capsule of the mid-1960s has been beautifully remastered and cut to disk so that its legacy still rings true today. You'll feel compelled to return to this album for the next 50 years.

No record collection is complete without this record - and no musical education has been given until it has been heard in the manner in which it was originally intended.

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